• Car Scratch Repair Tool
  • Car Scratch Repair Tool
  • Car Scratch Repair Tool
  • Car Scratch Repair Tool

Car Scratch Repair Tool

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The Car Scratch Repair Tool uses a nano material cloth to repair automobile  light paint scratches.


Before use, clean the scratched surface. After the surface is dry, remove the repair cloth and wipe it in the scratched area until it disappears!

The repair cloth is mainly used for slight marks on the paint surface (such as nail marks, shallow rubbing marks, sand abrasion marks, etc.)  If you rub a few minutes, you can also have a certain degree of desalination effect!

The repair cloth can be used repeatedly and can be used about 10-15 times. If the application of force is heavy, as long as in the same place and then repair cloth gently push and then dry with a dry cloth to restore the original luster!

If the repair cloth is dropped on the floor and stuck with dust and sand, do not use it again to avoid causing scratches. Can not be washed, if you think that the repair cloth is too dry to spray water, use the finished bag to save!

Applicable to a variety of materials surface, including gold, chromium, aluminum, tantalum, ceramics and other elements. Can remove car paint oxidation, swirling scratches, friction scratches, scratches and other branches. This cloth rubs on the glass and has the effect of waterproof bead!



  • Item Length: 20cm
  • Item Width: 10cm
  • Special Features: Repair scratches
  • Material Type: Nano-polyester fiber
  • Size: 20*10*1CM
  • Suitable: Universal For All The Cars
  • Package: 1pc
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