• 12Pcs Butterfly Wall Decal
  • 12Pcs Butterfly Wall Decal
  • 12Pcs Butterfly Wall Decal
  • 12Pcs Butterfly Wall Decal
  • 12Pcs Butterfly Wall Decal
  • 12Pcs Butterfly Wall Decal

12Pcs Butterfly Wall Decal

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  • DIY arrange as wish
  • 12 pcs wonderful color set
  • Includes 2 large ones, 2 medium ones, and 8 small ones
  • 3D looks
  • Glows in dark
  • Magnetic magnet sticking
  • Double feather
  • Removable
  • May be applied to walls, doors, electrical appliances, and to any smooth surface 
  • It looks 2D in the Package but you have to fold the wings slightly to create a 3D effect
  • Perfect for home decoration, kids room,  living room, bedroom, study room, etc.
  • Perfect design. Roundly includes 2 large ones in size 12 cm, 2 medium ones in size 8-9 cm, and 8 small ones in size 7 cm
  • Butterflies taste with their feet.
  • A group of butterflies is sometimes called a flutter
  • Their eyes are made of 6,000 lenses and can see ultraviolet light
  • There are 165,000 known species of butterflies found on every continent except Antarctica
  • Many adult butterflies never excrete waste – they use up all they eat for energy

    • Despite popular belief, butterfly wings are clear – the colors and patterns we see are made by the reflection of the tiny scales covering them
    • Butterfly wings move in a figure “8” motion
    • Butterflies vary in size – the largest species may reach 12 inches across, while the smallest may only be half an inch
    • Some butterfly species lay their eggs on only one type of plant
    • The Very Hungry Caterpillar was no joke – the first meal after a caterpillar hatches is usually the eggshell from which it has just emerged
    • In some areas, the number of feeding caterpillars on plants is so great that you can actually hear them munching. Thus, manners are not important in butterfly society
    • The process by which a caterpillar magically transforms into a butterfly, aka metamorphosis, is completed in 10 to 15 days, depending on the species
    • Butterflies are essentially cold-blooded
    • Skipper butterflies fly so fast they could outpace a horse, but most butterflies fly at 5 to 12 miles per hour (8 to 20 kilometers per hour)
    • Butterflies have a long, tube-like tongue called a proboscis that allows them to soak up their food rather than sip it
    • Males drink from mud puddles to extract minerals that aren’t available in flowers. This behavior is known as “puddling”
    • “Puddle clubs” are groups of butterflies that gather at wet soil to suck up salts and minerals
    • Some butterflies have been seen drinking blood from open wounds on animals
    • Scientists thought butterflies were deaf until the first butterfly ears were identified in 1912
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