• Wireless IP Intelligent Camera
  • Wireless IP Intelligent Camera
  • Wireless IP Intelligent Camera
  • Wireless IP Intelligent Camera
  • Wireless IP Intelligent Camera
  • Wireless IP Intelligent Camera
  • Wireless IP Intelligent Camera
  • Wireless IP Intelligent Camera
  • Wireless IP Intelligent Camera
  • Wireless IP Intelligent Camera
  • Wireless IP Intelligent Camera
  • Wireless IP Intelligent Camera
  • Wireless IP Intelligent Camera
  • Wireless IP Intelligent Camera
  • Wireless IP Intelligent Camera
  • Wireless IP Intelligent Camera
  • Wireless IP Intelligent Camera
  • Wireless IP Intelligent Camera
  • Wireless IP Intelligent Camera
  • Wireless IP Intelligent Camera
  • Wireless IP Intelligent Camera

Wireless IP Intelligent Camera

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  • Body Auto Tracking

  • WiFi Technology

  • Cloud Storage

  • Two Way Audio

  • Motion Detection

  • Infrared Night Vision

  • Mobile View

  • TF Card Slot

  • Easy Installation (when required)

  • Movement Hor: 360 deg Vert: 90 deg

  • Motion Detecting Alarm

    • Camera will record in SD Card automatically

    • Supports alarm like Email, FTP, GPIO, etc.

  • Small Size Housing

  • Multi-platform:

    • Android

    • iOS

    • Windows

  • Cloud Storage + TF Card Slot


    • Download and Install the App 

      • Make sure your mobile devices are connected to the network properly (Wi-Fi)

      • For Android phone users, download the free app by searching "YCC365" in "Google Play Store" or scanning the QR-Code on the camera package.

      • For iPhone or iPad users, download the free app by searching "YCC365" in "App Store" or scanning the QR-Code on the camera package. 

    • Connect the Cloud IP Camera 

      • Open your APP "YCC365", register a new account or log in your old account

      • Add the camera device (You can choose four ways to add your camera)

      • When your add your camera, please put your camera in a place where the WiFi signal is stable (Put your phone and camera closer)


    1. Please make sure the WIFI Password is correct.(Our Camera Only Support 2.4Ghz Wifi)

    2. Please make sure the router signal is stable (place IP Camera close to your router for first connection is Recommended).The Camera will not work on a 5Ghz wireless standard at this time. If you have a dual-band router, be sure to segregate your wireless channels and connect the Camera to the 2.4ghz channel. 

    3. Please check that your wifi name and password do not have special symbols, our camera can only recognize English letters and numbers.


    Note: Check The IP Camera: please make sure the IP Camera send Waiting for connection message after the plug. If not, we need to reset the Camera.

      • Why Reset:

        • Reset is used to boost the IP Camera system, which become more efficient to accept the unknown router and connect it.

        • Reset will erase all user settings including WIFI information, access password, alarm information, arming zones information.

      • The Steps:

        • Find the reset hole at the bottom of the device, and then use needle to insert it, press it more more than three seconds after hearing "di" sound, when hearing 'Reset to be defaulted setting' sound, then camera reset successfully

        • After the reset, user can start to connect it by WIFI.


      • Have to buy cloud storage service?

        • This camera has cloud storage and ordinary card storage capabilities, do not want to buy cloud storage, you can insert a sd card for recordings.

      • What can we do when the camera be stolen?

        • Do not worry,camera with cloud storage capabilities, video stored in the cloud server, the camera was stolen, the videos can be found by cloud storage account.

      • Does cloud storage camera can support recording for SD Card and cloud storage at the same time?

        • Yes. Support SD Card and cloud storage recordings at the same time if you put SD Card and purchase cloud storage service

      • Which cloud service company you use?Is it free ?

        • We use Amazon cloud server. Yes we offer 15-day-long cloud service,everyone can enjoy the cloud storage service for free,after that you can choose to pay for the service with a low cost.

      • How to protect privacy of individual from Cloud? 

        • The server Is Amazon cloud,support US-EU Safe Harbor and ISO/IEC27001:2013,it with High safety certification


      One of the most important features of an security camera is whether it’s been rated weatherproof and waterproof. However, there are several other factors to consider when choosing an surveillance camera for your home.

      Here are some questions you’ll need to consider to help you choose the best outdoor surveillance system for your home.

      • How much surveillance coverage do you need?

      The camera’s viewing angle determines how much space the camera will cover. Wider angled lenses help cut down on the number of cameras required for overall coverage of your property. Depending on the coverage you need and each camera’s viewing angle, you may need to purchase multiple cameras or multi-packs to monitor more space around your home.

      • Does the camera have high-quality video resolution?

      Another factor to consider when surveillance camera shopping is the camera’s resolution. The higher the camera resolution, the clearer and easier the images will be to see. Ideally, you’ll want 1080p or higher resolution for the clearest images. Keep in mind that if you connect your camera to a DVR or other recording device, it will also need to be HD compatible in order to keep the image at a high quality.

      • Does the security camera have night vision?

      Monitoring at night is one of the most common uses for surveillance cameras, and in order to get a high-quality image, you’ll want to purchase a camera with infrared (IR) technology. Many models have a built-in IR cut-switch that automatically enables and disables the infrared technology depending on the lighting conditions. The number of infrared LEDs used in a camera will help determine how far of a night vision range a camera has.

      • What’s the best camera style for your needs?

      There are two main styles of security cameras — dome or bullet. Both camera styles are fairly obvious to potential intruders, however, it is more difficult to determine which direction a dome-style camera is pointing, which may help deter a potential intruder. Another thing to keep in mind regarding camera style is whether you want to mount it on the ceiling or wall.

      • Does the camera have sufficient recording capacity?

      If you want to watch a playback of the goings-on around your home, you’ll need a camera with onboard storage capacity or cloud recording capabilities. Most cameras with recording capabilities have an onboard SD or microSD slot that allows for sufficient recording space.

      Some systems also record to DVD or mini-disc, but most are now transitioning to DVR (digital video recorder) technology. A computer-based camera system records your video to the PC’s hard disc, making it fast and easy to review your video history.

      • Do you want to access your camera with a mobile device?

      Many surveillance cameras available today are able to live stream a feed directly to your mobile device. If you want to be able to check in during the day or while away for extended periods, this is a valuable feature to have. Be sure to choose a camera that is compatible with your device. Generally, remote access, mobile alerts or cloud-based features require monthly or yearly fees with your home security monitoring provider.

      • Do you want a wired or wireless security camera?

      Wireless cameras are easy to install and re-position, but you’ll want to check the battery levels periodically to ensure you’re fully protected. Wired units usually require professional installation and access to a power outlet, but tend to provide clearer images than their wireless counterparts.

      • Does the camera have pan/tilt/zoom features?

      Cameras with remote controlled pan, tilt and zoom are ideal for providing coverage to larger areas and allow the user to get the best viewing angle possible without having to physically reposition the camera.

      • Do you want a camera with energy saving features?

      Surveillance cameras can eat up a lot of energy, but if you find a model that only records when motion is detected, it can help to cut down on operating costs. Many models will even send you push or email notifications when something out of the ordinary is detected, so you don’t need to be continually monitoring yourself.

      • How much do you want to spend?

      You can get a CCTV security system for as little as $99, but this is probably a case of “you get what you pay for.” A good-quality, basic system (one camera) typically costs between $100-200 and can climb to thousands of dollars for multi-camera, indoor/outdoor, fancy systems with every feature imaginable.


        • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10,Windows 8,Windows 7,Windows XP

        • Technology: Pan / Tilt / Zoom

        • Lens (mm): 3.6mm, 8-32mm

        • High Definition: 2.0 Megapixels

        • Alarm Action: FTP Photo, Local Alarm

        • IR Distance(m): 10M

        • Power Supply(V): 100-250V

        • Power Consumption(W): 3W

        • Viewing Angle (Degree): 90°

        • Dimensions (L x W x D)(mm): 11*7*8cm

        • Network Interface: Wi-Fi/802.11/b/g

        • Minimum Illumination(Lux): 0.01LUX

        • Power Supply: Normal

        • Connectivity: IP/Network Wireless

        • Installation: Ceiling

        • Color: Black (This Batch)

        • Type: IP Camera

        • Supported Mobile Systems: Android,iOS

        • Sensor Brand: SONY

        • TF Card: None

        • Style: Mini Camera

        • Video Compression Format: H.264

        • Special Features: Cloud

        • Features: WiFi Home Security CCTV Camera

        • Audio Output: Two way audio

        • Storage card slot: Micro sd card 8/16/32/64Gb

        • Technology: Infrared

        • Cloud Service: Cloud Storage Wifi Camera

        • Features: Intelligent analysis Body Motion Tracking

        • WiFi channel: 2.4Ghz

        • Pixel: 2MP

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